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Financial Decisions in Sri Lanka

Were you someone who held a bank account at Pramuka Savings Bank? Did you have fixed deposits at the Golden Key Credit Card Company? If so, you would know very well that the money you worked so hard to earn could be lost in a very very short time due to bad financial decisions.
Whether it is a 100 Rupees or 10 Million, whether it is spending your first salary, opening a bank account, investing for your retirement or even reinvesting the profits from trading stocks on the Colombo Stock Exchange, as Sri Lankans, you have always wanted to make sure that your investments were safe and you were earning a return in line with the nature of your investment.
However, you also know that as a developing country, managing finances in Sri Lanka is not the same as doing so in other countries. The financial products are different. The rules and regulations vary. The standards expected from a company can be very different from those in developed nations. Most of all, your needs are also not the same.

Our Goals

At Wealth.LK, we have a simple goal. We aim to give you the information, skills and the tools you need to make the right financial decisions. From your first job to your retirement, we will inform and guide you with tips, tricks and articles that will help you manage your own personal financial well-being. We will simplify the complex, give you the tips and tricks, the ins and outs of the financial markets, Banking and Insurance industries in a brief yet comprehensive manner and answer any and all of your questions.

Who Are We?

We are a group of financial experts and our carefully assembled team possess significant experience in the world of finance and business. Trained by the world’s leading authorities on Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, we are qualified to bring you the most up to date information that will help you make sound financial decisions.
From New York to Colombo, we have representatives located around the world and have an extensive network of contacts at hubs of finance that can be accessed for your benefit. Whether you just want to know how to manage a budget, plan for a family (and its expenses!), invest your retirement savings or just open a bank account, we can help!

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